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Why Auto Partner Club is trusted
by the whole World?
The company is absolutely legal
The authorized capital and all accounts of the company are insured
The guaranteed return of the enclosed investments
Why Auto Partner Club is trusted
by the whole World?
The unique approach of vision of business
The company gives to each partner who wants tools for business
advancement free of charge
What we do
Creating trends
Our company develops and has the income exclusively
from realization of cars, but not from partners of automobile club.
The choice of this segment of the market was dictated by objective factors.
What we do
Creating trends
Our future is a continuous development.
We will use all possible innovations in technologies of business.
We are ready to co-operate with the automobile companies working for the good
to all people on the earth.


The present Agreement encloses between the Company "Auto the Partner Club" (further the Company) and the independent Partner (further the Partner) about obligations which are taken up by the company and the Partner within the limits of the given Agreement.


1.1. The Agreement parties operate as subjects of enterprise activity which is understood as the independent, initiative activity carried out on the risk directed on reception of profits by the persons registered for conducting of business in an order, established by the legislation of the country of a site of the Partner.

1.2. A condition of reception of the status of the Partner with the right to compensation under the bonus program due to the marketing plan is an acquisition by the Partner of a business-place in the Company.


2.1. The partner, within the limits of Agreement performance undertakes:

2.1.1. To make the actions directed on placing of orders among clients for delivery of the goods and acquisition by them of services of the Company "Auto the Partner Club" in the form comprehensible to the Partner, including:

a) search of Partners for the goods and Company services;

b) distribution of advertising materials of the Company among potential clients;

c) an establishment of contacts for clients, both potential, and entered into the Agreement with the Company on delivery of the goods, rendering of services;

d) other actions which have been not forbidden by the legislation of the state under which jurisdiction there is a Partner, and not contradicting conditions of the Agreement, necessary for operative and effective realization of the goods and services of the Company.

2.1.2. After coming to a compensation it is necessary to fill and send the interactive form by means of communication means (phone, a fax, e-mail).

2.1.3. To give the Company only a trustworthy information, including telephone numbers, addresses mail and an e-mail, information from the documents proving the identity, confirming registration on a residence and an actual place of residing.

2.1.4. In case of change of the personal and contact data of the Partner given by him to the Company at agreement undertaking, to inform the Company on all changes of this data in time not later than 7 (seven) calendar days from the date of changes.

2.1.5. Not to permit either written, or the oral statements discrediting the company. Otherwise the Company can impose penalties (at the rate of 10.000 aP).

2.2. The company undertakes:

2.2.1. To give the chance to the Partner to choose a unique free login to which the accounting record in Company system is adhered, and to provide round-the-clock access to operational-registration system (back-office) from the moment of the conclusion of the present Agreement;

2.2.2. To provide confidentiality of the data, and also data on operations in back-office of a Partner, except for cases when the Companies duty is to give the information, concerning the Partner, to state structures or other persons, directly provided by the law;

2.2.3. To provide to the Partner an advertising platform for successful advancement of exclusive production (possibility to use online-room for conferences);

2.2.4. To provide to the Partner a possibility to participate in partner programs for advancement of the services offered by the Company.


3.1. The partner obtains a reward on the basis of the bonus program, according to the Program and does not apply for Company profit. Compensation to the Partner is charged in his back-office into the internal account.

3.2. The withdrawal of money to the bank account is made within 7-14 working bank days, the withdrawal of money to a debit card is made in a current 7-14 working bank days. Expenses on transfer of money  in both cases occur for the account of the Partner of the Company, who withdraw money.


4.1. In case of default or inadequate execution of one of the Parties of obligations under the Agreement other Party has the right to apply the sanctions provided by the given Agreement to a guilty party.

4.2. The party which has caused damage to other Party under the Agreement is obliged to compensate to other Party a material damage. Besides, it can form the basis for a prescheduled termination of the agreement at the initiative of the Party to which the damage has been caused.

4.3. In case of infringement of treaty obligations by the partner, the Company has the right to limit or completely to close access to back-office of the Partner until elimination of the admitted infringements by it (including penal sanctions to 8.000 aP).

4.4. The company does not answer for obligations the Partner before the third parties even if these obligations are connected with execution of the Partner of the present Agreement.

4.5. In a case if a Partner does not complete a compensation in a current of year, the Partner has the right to terminate the present Agreement to issue the demand and in a current of the next 12 months there is a return of money resources behind a minus of the income of the partner in this time.


5.1. The company gives the goods and services "as is" and does not bear responsibility for quality of the goods.

5.2. The company refuses granting of meant guarantees, including guarantees of reception of profit, applicability for the purposes defined by the Partner proceeding from own understanding of a way of extraction of profit and a scope of the goods and services of the Company.

5.3. The partner can receive from the Company compensation of only straight losses and cannot obtain compensation for any other losses and a damage, including the indirect, special, mediated, casual or penal losses, and also losses in connection with the missed benefit, in any form.


6.1. The parties undertake not to disclose any information on Agreement execution, including data on clients, compensation of the Partner and other information, concerning the Parties.

6.2. The partner is obliged to keep as fiduciary any information, which became known to him in connection with execution of conditions of the Agreement of clients information, counterparts and Company commercial transactions.


7.1. All disputes under the Agreement are subject to obligatory settlement in pre-judicial order by negotiations.

7.2. In a case if dispute has not been settled by negotiations between the Parties, the interested party is obliged to direct to other Party the written claim, which another Party is obliged to consider and give the written answer to other Party within 10 (ten) days after reception of the written claim.


8.1. The agreement is considered to be enclosed from the moment of its acceptance by the Partner according to Agreement section 1.2.

8.2. The company has the right to make unilaterally changes and additions to the present Agreement. Thus appropriate notice of the Partner on the brought changes is placing of the information on such changes on the Company site "Auto the Partner Club". Actions on execution of the Agreement after the notice of the Partner on its change mean the full consent of the Partner with new conditions of the Agreement. In case of disagreement of the Partner with the specified changes of the Agreement the Partner has the right to terminate the Agreement as it should be and with the consequences specified in section 8.4 of the Agreement.

8.3. The present Agreement can be terminated by the Partner by sending to the Company of the notice on it in written or in other form providing the appropriate notice to the Company about cancellation of the Agreement. In case of absence of objections from the Company the Agreement is considered to be terminated after 10 (ten) working days after reception by the Company of the specified notice.

8.4. The present Agreement can be terminated the Company in following cases:

a) at infringement by the Partner of conditions of the Agreement on use of operational-registration system - back-office, and also other local certificates regulating activity of the Company;

b) in case of causing by the Partner material or mental cruelty of the Company or fulfillment by the Partner of the actions not compatible with diligent business - cooperation between the Partner and the Company;

c) in other cases specified in the present Agreement.


9.1. The present offer in the form of the electronic document is accessible to users at the address "Auto the Partner Club" a login of the sponsor and also at the moment of Partner's registration on the Company site.

9.2. Messages and notices between the Parties go any kind of communication convenient for the Parties (mail, phone, a fax, e-mail etc.), allowing authentically to establish the sender. The company has the right to direct to the Partner of the notice and the message in the form of electronic deliveries.

9.3. The parties recognize that according to item 8 of the Convention of the United Nations from 11/23/2005 "About use of electronic messages in the international contracts" the present Agreement signed in electronic form, is valid as the original.